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Golden Retriever

Breed to Own Program

Our Breed-to-Own Program, allows families to have a pure bred Golden Retriever for an extremely discounted rate.  The dogs in this program range from 2-4 yrs and are mostly females.  We currently have several dogs available for this program. We pride ourselves on our dogs having the best care possible and we never want our dogs to be ‘just breeders’ we want them in loving families as pets.  This program allows us to continue to offer quality dogs and puppies for families without having more dogs in our care than we can comfortably handle.   Read below for more information.


How does it work?
Prospective families will need to complete our application and interview process.  This may include and is not limited to a home visit to see where we are sending the dogs and two personal references. It is of utmost importance to us that our dogs be placed in the right homes.  

This program is not for everyone and we want to make sure that it’s a perfect fit for both the dogs and the new families.

The basics of how it works is that we provide the secondary owner with a female dog (males are extremely rare); this dog is to be a pet for your family.  We currently have several females available ranging from ages 8 weeks - 4 years. There will be a small deposit for the dog, which will be refund upon a completed contract. The new co-owner will be responsible for is the county tags and monthly flea, tick, and heart worm.  The dog is required to see our vet or a vet we agree to and we will reimburse up to $200 yearly towards the 'normal/required' vaccines. Most dogs will return to us for either two or three breeding cycles, depending on the specific dog.  What that entails is that when your dog begins her cycle you will notify us and we will make plans for blood tests, and schedule possible breeding dates. If the family is local they will be expected to transport the dog to and from the breed site (most of the time our home) If the family has a great distance to travel we may work out a situation in which the dog could stay with us during her breeding days. This is handled on a case by case basis. Your dog would remain with you throughout her pregnancy and would return to us to give birth in our nursery, about 58-60 days following her first breeding tie.   She would remain with us for approximately 5 -8 weeks following the birth of her puppies.  Then she would return home and this process would be repeated for however long is stated in our contract. 


Often time’s people are concerned about how their dogs will adjust to this arrangement, and it’s been found that the dogs do just fine.  We will have a special nursery set up for the dogs and they’ll be loved on and very distracted with the care of their puppies.  It’s the humans that miss them more.  We do not allow the secondary owners to visit much because that does confuse the Momma dogs. It’s best that they be dropped off and picked up when they’re done with their puppies' care. 

If approved, the secondary owner would select a dog from our available dogs.  We would have a legal binding signed contract that lays out the following information:


  •  The vet the dog will be seeing.

  • The secondary owners agree to crate train; the reasoning is so that the dog is less stressed when it comes back to us for breeding.

  •  The secondary owner (those who the dog lives with) will be responsible for all transporting the dog to yearly appointments and breeding appointments.       

  •  The type of food required for dog.

  • The secondary owners are also responsible for keeping the dog on Heartguard and Frontline, or Advantage Multi monthly.  These are currently the only brands approved for our program.

  •  We will require copies of all vaccinations, licenses, and monthly preventive doses.

  •  The secondary owners must be confident and will be legally bound, to keep their ‘in season’ female away from all other males. If there is a breech of contract the secondary-owners will be required to pay a fee and the primary owners will not help with any costs associated with an unintentional or accidental breeding occurrence. 

  •  The secondary owners must agree not to leave the dog outside unattended during her cycle. 

  •  The secondary owners are responsible for transportation to and from our location for the duration of the contract.

  •  Secondary owners have to be committed to watching for signs of their female cycling and keep accurate record.

  • We do reserve the right to retire early any dog that does not respond well to the process or does not meet our criteria.

  •  The primary owner will arrange the spay or neuter of the dogs who have completed their contract agreement. 


** We reserve the right to make adjustments to the program at our discretion. Those involved in the program will be notified of any changes to the program through email or phone. 

What are the benefits to our Breed to Own Program?
The major benefit to those participating in the program is that they’re getting a purebred dog with little upfront cost and even that will be refunded to them once a dog completes her contract. A family can have the benefits of an amazing pet that they may not have been able to afford without this program. Some buyers have found it convenient to plan their trips and vacations for when their dog will be at the breeders.  We also offer a discounted puppy rate to those who have completed the program and whose dog has had at least three litters. In case you decide you'd like a second dog, because once you have one Golden you’ll want another!

The benefits to our customers is that they’ll continue to receive amazing puppies who come from great lines and whose parents are pets not just 'breeder' dogs.

If you have any further questions please email us at or call us at 239.689.0908.

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