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Puppy Process

Taking in a puppy can be one of the most exciting and rewarding things you do in your life.  It also can seem like an overwhelming process.  This is why we decided to make a step by step application process to walk you through picking out a puppy all the way to the day you take your puppy home. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Application Process

Fill out the application

Complete the application form to determine if a puppy is suitable for you.

The application helps assess your compatibility with the puppies.

Review and follow-up

We'll review your application and see if we're a good match for you.

You'll receive a follow-up email with additional questions.

You can ask any questions you have at this stage.


If your application is accepted, you'll proceed to the deposit stage.

A $500 deposit is required if made before the pups are born.

A deposit of $1000 is required after the pups are born.

Deposit secures your selection position and appointment time.

Selection process

The selection order is based on the order of received deposits.

The number of available puppies depends on the deposits received.

Delayed deposits may reduce the number of puppies to choose from.

Appointment time

Appointment times are assigned when the puppies are 4-6 weeks old.

You'll be notified of the appointment time when it's finalized.

The actual appointment day will be coordinated.

Updates and communication

Visits prior to pick-up day are not allowed to protect the puppies.

Updates, pictures, and videos of the puppies are shared via Facebook, email, or text.

Communication will continue through email with various information and tips.

Training program

A discounted at-home training program is offered through Baxter and Bella.

You'll have the opportunity to purchase the program.

Pick-up day

On pick-up day, you'll have an appointed time.

You'll have approximately 35 minutes to interact with the puppies and select your pup.

There will be 15 minutes for paperwork, including filling out a contract.

Take-home day

Take-home day is important but can be stressful for the puppy.

Follow the provided tips for a smooth transition.

Reach out for assistance if needed.

Joining the Abundant Farms Family

The organization aims to make you feel confident in your decision to join.

They are excited to work with you and welcome you to the Abundant Farms Family.

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